Conroe ISD: Malinda Stewart:


“This was the best day of professional development we have had in my 6 years as principal here!”


Jasper ISD


“This S*** actually works!!”

Buna ISD


Everything was applicable and can be used in the workday.

Scott - Owner Two Pair Tubing

“Jim Guinn is one of the most dynamic trainers we have ever hosted for a training. He was direct
and practical with his approach and gave us actual applicable skills that we could use in our
board meetings.”


Travis - Weatherford International

“Conflict resolution is an excellent set of ideas and actions that are underutilized in our modern
world. The fact-based and empathetic approach is fully realized in Jim Guinn’s conflict
resolution training. Even one day of this training will enrich any office environment and let all
begin to enhance the dynamics of all interactions in the workplace and even at home.”


Chuck - Sales for Bell Helicopter Inc.

“The RRG Consulting conflict resolution training was one of the most applicable sales training I
have had. The techniques learned apply to any industry, and I will be applying them here at Bell.


Erik - Owner/Partner Patriot Threading

“The conflict resolution training Jim provided was distinctly applicable due to the practical
negotiation techniques taught in training. The concepts learned in this training provided a new
way of handling the conflicts we face on a daily basis in our field.”


Brandon - Business Partner Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

“The Conflict Management/Resolution training that Jim conducted for our Sales Representatives
gave them the skills needed to be successful at communicating and negotiating customer
opportunities in a very efficient and effective way. At Bell Helicopter, we have a unique product
and customer base, which means we need to have a more in-depth understanding of their needs
within all parts of the acquisition process. In helicopter sales, you and the customer are
discussing acquisitions that are well over a million dollars so that it can seem fairly high stakes.
The information provided by Jim gave them techniques that can be applied right away and will
allow them to not only communicate effectively throughout the entire relationship but also gave
them the information needed to be confident in any situation.


Megan - State of Texas Ombudsman

“The conflict resolution/mediation training Jim delivered was incredibly applicable to our
profession as ombudsman. The techniques learned in training allow us to handle the conflict we

face with patients and administrators on an everyday basis. I strongly recommend this training
for anyone that faces conflict.”


Chrissy - Head of Learning and Development College Station ISD

“Jim made the training come alive and provided an excellent training. Jim did a fantastic job, and
his material was well received by all of our counselors and administrations. We liked Jim’s style
and energy and look forward to working with him on future trainings.


Barry - CEO of Capacity Education

“Jim was prepared and very knowledgeable. He demonstrated credibility by sharing information,
examples, and experiences related to conflict resolution. Jim did an excellent job tying the
information presented to real life stories and examples.”


Jason - Region Director Alabama Secondary Schools

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation Jim provided. I thought is was a good balance between
discussion and lecture. I enjoyed learning the conflict resolution styles and how they relate to
actual conflict scenarios, and I wouldn’t change anything about the presentation. Jim was very
engaging and provided a great mix of active engagement and oral presentation with real life